Lodging enquiries

Member Announcements

Sometimes our members (the asset owners) might temporarily have issues with responding to your enquiries. In this case you might see a message displayed when you’ve lodged an enquiry telling you about the problem. The announcement is displayed immediately after you lodge an enquiry and is also shown in the details area for each enquiry. […]

Pre-Filling Enquiry Details

You can speed up filling in the fields on a BYDA  enquiry by using the “Copy from last job” and “Duplicate enquiry” features.

Working with maps

Maps are used throughout the BYDA referral service to help you better understand the areas you are working in. This article provides some tips and tricks for working with the maps.

Enquiry confirmation

When you have successfully lodged your enquiry you will be arrive at the confirmation page. You will also receive an email confirmation with all the details of your enquiry.

Enquiry auto-renew

The plans you get back from asset owners in response to your enquiry will have a validity or expiry date printed on them. This is typically 28 or 30 days from the date of your enquiry. If the validity dates of plans expire, a new Before You Dig enquiry must be submitted. For long-running projects, […]

Enquiry details

When lodging an enquiry, you will need to share details about your job so that the relevant asset owners can understand what sort of work you’ll be doing and when. The asset owners rely on this information to help prevent damage to their infrastructure.

Drawing your job site

To lodge a new BYDA enquiry, once you’ve navigated the map to the correct location, you need to sketch out your job site using the drawing tools. A short video guide is available showing these drawing tools in action.

Finding your job site

The first step when lodging an enquiry is to find your job site on the map. Once you’ve navigated to the right area, you can go ahead and draw the job site.